Worship Contest 2008

Here is a page filled with praise to our Wonderful Creator. Each one is already a 'winner' since God is the Ultimate giver of gifts. I hope you enjoy listening to each of these 'gifts' to us through each child and each musician.

There are 3 categories of songs: The Kids Category, The Family Category and the Adult Category. Anna Gilmer and Izak Amargo tied for the kid's category. The Armargo family got the most votes for the Family Category and David Klemz for the adult category.They each received the guitar and lessons as descripted are on the Worship Contest page.


The Kids Category

Anna Gilmer (Age 11)–' Come'

Christian Lingner (Age 13) - 'Like You'

Elizabeth True (Age 17) - 'Your Love'

Erin Gouvin (Age 14) - 'You Created Me'

Hannah Covington (Age 15) - 'A Perfect Child'

Izak Gellada Amargo (Age 14) – 'Explanationals'

Jared Desjardins (Age: 10) (sung by his sister) - 'I Will Sing'

Kyrstin Desjardins
(Age 16) - 'Faithful One'

Nathan Russell (Age 14) –
'At Calvary'

The Family Category

Christy Palmer (mom) And Brooke Palmer (Age 13) – 'Jesus You Died'

Isabella Kinder (Age 9) And Katrina Kinder (Age 12) -' God's Colorful Creation'

Ivan Amargo (23),, Iza Amargo (Age19),  Ina Amargo (Age 17), Izak Amargo (Age 14) - 'See the Seasons

Karen Streiff (mother) And Annelise Streiff (age 11) - 'The Only One

Kayla Mill (Age 17) And Justin Mill (Age 15) – 'His Mercy'

The Adult Category
(If you can't hear these try this page)

Ann Galliers - 'My Refuge

Brenda Sharp (husband on drums) – 'Psalm 51'

Christopher Moore – 'Behold The Beauty'

Chuck Allison - 'You Are My Everything'

David Klemz - 'Standing in Your Arms'

Denise McCleese - 'Mission Song'

G Victor - 'Awake O My Soul'

Ivan Amargo – 'A Scarlet Transformation

Jack Fambrough – 'I Got To Worship

Jared Scholz – 'My Re-creator'

Jeff Kresta – 'He’ll Pray For You Too'

Karen Birdsley – 'My Soul Waits Silently'

Karen Gouvin – 'Worthy to be Praised

Kurt Buchholz - 'Come Draw Near'

Marisa Crouse - 'Armor of God'

Randy (Randall) Keizer – 'Holy Holy Holy Lord'

Ricky Sim – 'I Stand In Awe

Tim and Abby Kleier (sung by Luke Scott) - 'God of Truth'

Tim Lovell - 'I’ll Magnify You Lord'

Victor Logan – 'Song Of The Lamb'

Tammy Blenkhorn - 'Better Than Words'


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